“Silent and deep is interstellar space. And lonely, if one were to wander through it without a proper reason.
Yet this is where the journey starts, with this mind-numbing feeling of eternal failure and the impossibility of action"

From the Chronicles of Erion X

It starts with a story, and the story is that of planet Erion, far away in space and time, where the greatest battle for life once took place. We say life, but not quite like what earthlings are used to. On Erion, life evolved deeply intertwined with the energy of the planet itself.

This peculiar line of evolution made it so that everything on the surface of the planet could display what one would call a conscience, some sort of liberation from their silent existence.

Animals and plants, even rocks and grains of sand, were bathed in the ancestral power of this distant Earth’s core. Civilizations arose, and the planet thrived with the bubbling noise of life.

Among all species, that of Wolves was deputed to be the protector of it all. Keepers of an immense and ancient power, they live beyond the impassable border of The Ridge, apart from all others. They alone can summon Him, The Hyperwülff, the guardian of the planet.

But alas, one day the Great Machine came from the depths of space, and the name it was given was Robogoat. An incredibly sophisticated piece of clockwork roaming the cosmos in search of new energy sources to exploit. Not much is known about it, but the consequences of its coming are carved deep into the flesh of planet Erion, and many more before it.

The battle raged on, furious and desperate. All Erionites united with the Hyperwülff, against Robogoat and its ranks.

And then the battle was over, and nothing but scorched earth was left. The Great Wolf, now rendered as spirit, wept the loss of the life He had sworn to protect.

As time swallows itself, two men carry the Stone of Laar in search of liberation, for it alone is the key to the strength of the planet and the spark of life itself. Soon their names are revealed: The Sarge and The Wülff, sons of Erion, praising the name of the Great Wolf. Their journey had already begun.

To escape the void of grief and despair, the duo now seeks harbor by the lost planet Ktolon. Once home to a mighty race of explorers and scientist, it now lays as a wasteland. Its people lost to madness, disfigured into mere beasts, and its titan forgotten, buried deep in the deepest pit in the heart of the tallest mountain.

But Ktolon, the broken giant, does heed the duo’s call for help. As the explorers spiral down into the secrets of that world’s stone, the titan speaks of forgotten rituals and broken pacts. The power of the stone will now be the planet’s demise.

And in the final moments, the mighty mountains of Ktolon will witness silently as the planet collapses within itself.

The journey of the Infinite Titan is far from its end…

"Contemplating sparse clouds of dust and errant debris, maddening rage in His eyes. Had he still claws, they would be ripping through those vile hordes; the final act of liberation, flowing onto His fiery mane. Thus He spoke through fangs."

Volume One: Erion Speaks (2015)

Volume Two: The Divide (2018)

Addendum One (2019)

Void And Descent OST (2022)

Volume Three: Burrowing Kingdoms (2022)