We made a micro-RPG in the style of an old-school dungeon crawler!

You only need a 6-faced die to play. Download the file below, print it out (or play from your computer, we can’t tell you what to do), create your character and explore the map! All the rules you need are written on the card.

This is the first chapter of a trilogy of tiny games set in the universe of Hyperwulff. One for each main album of our discography:

• Mission 1 is set on Erion during the battle against Robogoat
• Mission 2 will be set on the launchpad of the Infinite Titan, before you launch into space
• Mission 3 will be set on Ktolon, the frozen planet.
Check back on this page in the near future, and follow us on social media. We’ll post the news when a new game is released!